No, Obama did NOT separate parents and children!

Have you heard that children were separated from their parents under Obama & Clinton? Then, you need a little Facts vs Myths lesson. Michelle Martin, PhD Cal State Fullerton summed up the most important FACTS:

There is so much misinformation out there about the Trump administration’s new “zero tolerance” policy that requires criminal prosecution, which then warrants the separating of parents and children at the border. Before responding to a post defending this policy, please do your research…As a professor at a local Cal State, I research and write about these issues, so here, I’ll make it easier for you:

Myth: This is not a new policy and was practiced under Obama and Clinton – FALSE. The policy to separate parents and children is new and was instituted on 4/6/2018. It was the brainchild of John Kelly and Stephen Miller to serve as a deterrent for undocumented immigration, approved by Trump, and adopted by Sessions. Prior administrations detained migrant families, but didnโ€™t have a practice of forcibly separating parents from their children unless the adults were deemed unfit.

Myth: This is the only way to deter undocumented immigration – FALSE. Annual trends show that arrests for undocumented entry are at a 46 year low, and undocumented crossings dropped in 2007, with a net loss (more people leaving than arriving). Deportations have increased steadily though (spiking in 1996 and more recently), because several laws that were passed since 1996 have made it legally more difficult to gain legal status for people already here, and thus increased their deportations (I address this later under the myth that it’s the Democrats’ fault). What we mostly have now are people crossing the border illegally because they’ve already been hired by a US company, or because they are seeking political asylum. Economic migrants come to this country because our country has kept the demand going. But again, many of these people impacted by Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy appear to be political asylum-seekers.

Myth: Most of the people coming across the border are just trying to take advantage of our country by taking our jobs – FALSE. Most of the parents who have been impacted by Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy have presented themselves as political asylum-seekers at a U.S. port-of-entry, from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Rather than processing their claims, they have been taken into custody on the spot and had their children ripped from their arms. The ACLU alleges that this practice violates the Asylum Act, and the UN asserts that it violates the UN Treaty on the State of Refugees, one of the few treaties the US has ratified. This is an illegal act on the part of the United States government, not to mention morally and ethically reprehensible.

Myth: We’re a country that respects the Rule of Law, and if people break the law, this is what they get – FALSE. We are a country that has an above-ground system of immigration and an underground system. Our government (under both parties) has always been aware that US companies recruit workers in the poorest parts of Mexico for cheap labor, and ICE (and its predecessor INS) has looked the other way because this underground economy benefits our country to the tune of billions of dollars annually. Thus, even though the majority of people crossing the border now are asylum-seekers, those who are economic migrants (migrant workers) likely have been recruited here to do jobs Americans will not do.

Myth: The children have to be separated from their parents because there parents must be arrested and it would be cruel to put children in jail with their parents – FALSE. First, in the case of economic migrants crossing the border illegally, criminal prosecution has not been the legal norm, and families have been kept together at all cost. Also, crossing the border without documentation is a typically a misdemeanor not requiring arrest, but rather a civil proceeding. Additionally, parents who have been detained have historically been detained with their children in ICE “family residential centers,” again, for civil processing. The Trump administration’s shift in policy is for political purposes only, not legal ones. See p. 18:

Myth: We have rampant fraud in our asylum process the proof of which is the significant increase we have in the number of people applying for asylum. FALSE. The increase in asylum seekers is a direct result of the increase in civil conflict and violence across the globe. While some people may believe that we shouldn’t allow any refugees into our country because “it’s not our problem,” neither our current asylum law, nor our ideological foundation as a country support such an isolationist approach. There is very little evidence to support Sessions’ claim that abuse of our asylum-seeking policies is rampant. Also, what Sessions failed to mention is that the majority of asylum seekers are from China, not South of the border. Here is a very fair and balanced assessment of his statements:

Myth: The Democrats caused this, “it’s their law.” FALSE. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats caused this, the Trump administration did (although the Republicans could fix this today, and have refused). I believe what this myth refers to is the passage of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, which were both passed under Clinton in 1996. These laws essentially made unauthorized entry into the US a crime (typically a misdemeanor for first-time offenders), but under both Republicans and Democrats, these cases were handled through civil deportation proceedings, not a criminal proceeding, which did not require separation. And again, even in cases where detainment was required, families were always kept together in family residential centers, unless the parents were deemed unfit (as mentioned above). Thus, Trump’s assertion that he hates this policy but has no choice but to separate the parents from their children, because the Democrats “gave us this law” is false and nothing more than propaganda designed to compel negotiation on bad policy.

Myth: The parents and children will be reunited shortly, once the parents’ court cases are finalized. FALSE. Criminal court is a vastly different beast than civil court proceedings. Also, the children are being processed as unaccompanied minors (“unaccompanied alien children”), which typically means they are sent into the custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), which is part of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHS). Under normal circumstances when a child enters the country without his or her parent, ORR attempts to locate a family member within a few weeks, and the child is then released to a family member, or if a family member cannot be located, the child is placed in a residential center (anywhere in the country), or in some cases, foster care. Prior to Trump’s new policy, ORR was operating at 95% capacity, and they simply cannot effectively manage the influx of 2000+ children, some as young as 4 months. Also, keep in mind, these are not unaccompanied minor children, they have parents. There is great legal ambiguity on how and even whether the parents will get their children back because we are in uncharted territory right now. According to the ACLU lawsuit (see below), there is currently no easy vehicle for reuniting parents with their children. Additionally, according to a May 2018 report, numerous cases of verbal, physical and sexual abuse were found to have occurred in these residential centers.

Myth: This policy is legal. LIKELY FALSE. The ACLU filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration on 5/6/18, and a recent court ruling denied the government’s motion to dismiss the suit. The judge deciding the case stated that the Trump Administration policy is “brutal, offensive, and fails to comport with traditional notions of fair play and decency.” The case is moving forward because it was deemed to have legal merit.

Spangler’s Travels

May 2014

Hello Tuesday! I’m having the time of my life! I’ve been to the mountains! And we visited with one of mom’s cousins, where we had dinner. Yum! (Mom’s side of the family can COOK!)

The mountains were so pretty! Where we are now, visiting more family, it’s got its ups and downs – as in hills. But the mountains….now THERE’S a sight to see! I loved how they rose up to kiss the sky and looked such a pretty shade of blues and grays. (Yes, I can see color!)

Where the mountains are green and lush with trees and shrubs, it looks like velvet laid upon the earth.

And the trucks! I’ve never seen so many trucks in all my life! Toot! Toot! I LOVE trucks!

I don’t know what’s best about being on a trip: The scenery, the trucks or the food and visiting family. It’s a VERY hard decision for a Dalmatian to make, let me tell you!

I’ve now been in 5 states! Six, if you count the state of sleep! As you can see in photos I included today, all this visiting poops out a pup!

In the photos today, I thought I’d share a picture of My Girl walking me in a near by field – just like she did last summer. It brought back such lovely memories of our time together last year. I can’t believe nearly a WHOLE year has passed since I found my furever family! I’ve now been with mom and dad longer than anywhere else in my journey. I hope I NEVER have to leave!

The photo next to me and My Girl is my new friend, Angel. She’s looking for her furever home. When the photo was being taken, I told her to be sure to smile. As you can see, she opted for the Mona Lisa lips. BOL!

She’s such a sweet little girl and so sad and scared to be in the shelter. I told her all would be okay, but I’m not sure she really believed me. I told her my story, and she was quite interested in hearing every detail.

The last photo today shows how tuckered I was after all that visiting and showing off! I loved seeing everyone, visiting and making new friends, but I was one pooped out pup by the time the day ended. And we got up today to do it ALL over again!

It’s getting late and everyone is settling in for the night. We’re all enjoying the peace and quiet of a campground. We had a little bon fire tonight and it was so lovely laying there with my very own family, listening to the sounds of the world calming down and cooling off – it’s VERY hot here, compared with back home!

Soon, the night birds came out and sang their songs and I found myself growing very relaxed and drowsy. I think this is the best yet in all my life!

I hope everyone can find peace and a cool place. It’s such a blessing and special memory I have now!

May you all find a campfire tonight. I love everyone!

On the road with The Spangler!

Spangler’s Foster Road: Adopt! Don’t Shop!

April 2015

He waits and watches. His name is Merle, Bowe or Callie – there are so many. But each searches the faces he or she sees. They look into the eyes of the people who reach down to scratch their ears or pet their head and hopes they are the one – the one for whom they wait.

Their one dream, one hope, one wish is to find that forever home. You know: That place where they can finally rest their heads, feel safe and warm and know they’re loved and cared about. It’s the place, big or small, where they’ll go to spend the rest of their days learning to trust it’s all real and all theirs.

In return, they each promise to care and to love their person – or people. They’re not picky. Young, old, handicapped, any color or gender will do. Everyone is equal in their eyes – the eyes that search for the special face they can call their own.

Sometimes, some of them will grow weary of the hunt and lay still, giving up hope. That makes things worse for that particular dog. That’s because he/she no longer calls attention to herself or himself. People then find them all the easier to ignore. The puppy calls to them, or the eager tail wagging happily greeting them. People don’t see the sad dog who has given up hope – although they are the ones who need hope and attention all the more.

So, if you can, are able and willing, will you be the one who looks beyond the quietness and sees the quality? Will you become that special someone? Merle hopes so. And so does Bowe, Minnie, Cato and so many more.

Spangler’s Foster Road: Happy St Paddy’s Day!

March 2014

Faith and begora to ye all! Happy St Patrick’s Day to everyone!

Oh, Irish eyes are smiling…

Oh Danny Boy…

I see green people! They’re everywhere! They’re tiny with little green suits and sing, ‘They’re luckily delicious!’

Strange. Very strange…

Oh my! I can’t stop! I wonder if it’s the green mom and dad put me in for this photo?

Yes, I, with my family, are all alive and well up here on the snowy tundra of the North Pole! However, I think I feel a thaw in the air! It made it to 50 degrees earlier in the week! Why, I felt downright glorious! I had springs in my paws…

Then Tuesday happened. We shall never speak of Tuesday again…but for a hint, LOTS of white stuff. Those butterflies invaded big time…AGAIN!

Someone really needs to figure out a way to contain those butterflies. I mean, it was fun when I first saw them. But holding their family reunion for MONTHS at a time is flat out plumb ridiculous, if you ask me. And even if you didn’t ask, I’ll volunteer the information…


I’m ready for sunshine and apple trees, crickets and honey bees…and anything that is colorful and bright!

Can anyone deliver that, like RIGHT NOW??? If so, I’ll give you ALL my dog bones! Anyone? Hello?

Woof! Woof! This isn’t good. It’s so QUIET out there!

We’ve been so busy around here! I’ve been helping mom and grandma clean things up and sort things out. Is this what they call spring cleaning?

I’m good with it…as long as no one gets the idea to clean out my doggie treat bowl…THAT would not be good! For me, at least. Nor would I like it one bit! No, not one bit!

Well, goodness! It’s already nearly bed time and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to snuggle in with my dad. Happy St Patty’s Day everyone! May it be glorious and may you find gold at the end of the rainbow! For me…as long as the pot holds doggie bones, I’m good…or a hot dog. I wouldn’t mind a hot dog. ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ

Love to all! โ˜˜๏ธโ˜˜๏ธโ˜˜๏ธ


Spangler, The Green!

Spangler’s Foster Road: Seizures!

March 2014

Hello everyone! I”M BACK!!! And I’m doing much better! Dad told me how many people were praying for me. He said to let you all know how much it helped! I felt them going through me. It was like a million angels singing to me, telling me all would be okay.

And look! IT WAS all okay!

For those who haven’t heard, I went into seizures again on Thursday. Dad said I scared him pretty good. Of course, I don’t remember much of anything. In fact, I don’t remember it at all! But dad said I was very sick. He rushed me to the emergency vet clinic and I was taken in immediately.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t allowed to go right back with me. He didn’t like being without me. I wouldn’t have liked it either, had I been aware.

As it turned out, I’m still a growing girl! I’d put on two more pounds recently. Apparently, that was just enough to tip the scales from ‘okay’ to ‘not okay.’ And I quickly went into seizures. Dad said I didn’t know him anymore and acted scared of him.

Poor dad! I โ™ฅ๏ธ my mom and dad very much! I’m so sorry he had to go through that, but I’m also very happy he was there to take care of me! He wasted no time at all making sure I was properly cared for!

I’m grateful I have my mom, dad, brother and sister – oh, and Alley Cat! I’m so lucky! I count my blessings every day. I count them with more gratefulness after an episode like last week!

But all is well, and I’m getting back on track! In fact, I’m happily running around the yard, saying hello to all my bird friends and goodbye to my white fairy friends! The white fairies are retreating to their summer homelands and the spring and summer birds are returning. What a joyous reunion we’re having!

A few of the white fairies are lingering here and there. I guess some aren’t too anxious to leave the party. And of course, they’ll miss me! But I’m sure they’ll return. It’s just time for something new and different in the world – including the return of my beloved apples and bird friends!

I almost feel like the seizures were my signal of spring, too. Maybe I’m reblooming, like the daffodil heads that are just now poking out of the ground! Maybe I had to break out of my spring seed shell, too?

At any rate, I’m running around like a ‘nut,’ as mom puts it. I can’t help it! Everything seems especially wonderful and good today! The sun is out warming my back and smiling at all of us. The grass is beginning to show again. I am out in the yard with my dad again. What more could I ask for?

Okay, I wouldn’t mind another one of those treats mom cooks up for us. But she doesn’t seem to be HEARING that request! BOL!

Mom took photos to show you all just how well I’m doing. The bandage on my leg is from injuring my dew claw. That darned old dew claw is just a bit bothersome for me. Mom knows exactly how to make it all better. But because I won’t leave it alone to heal, she said she had to wrap it up.

I’m okay with that. I just wish she would have used purple and pink bandages. I’m feeling rather partial to purple and pink, now that spring is arriving! I mean, think about it: Don’t you agree spring pastels would make for a nice spring welcome and celebration? ๐Ÿ’ฎ๐ŸŒผโœณ๏ธโ‡๏ธ๐Ÿ”†โ™ฅ๏ธ

Well, I’m going to dash off! My meds have been increased and I’m quickly recovering, but I still seem to need a bit more rest than before. I’ll catch up. Never fear! I’m already feeling 100% better. Dad said to be patient and rest up, as we’ll have plenty to do in short order, and he’ll need all paws on deck!

The fact we don’t HAVE a boat deck doesn’t seem to occur to him. I have to chuckle. Dads are such funny folk, don’t you agree? BOL!

Have a wonderful day! Thank you all for your prayers! They WORKED!!!

Love to ALL my special friends!

Spangler, The Springful Girl

Spangler’s Foster Road: Weatherman ORDERED SNOW FAIRIES!

March 2017

We are having all kinds of fun! Mom saw the first robin of the year! This is the earliest we have ever seen them…EVER!

We still keep getting snow. I heard the weatherman saying there’s a call for some this next weekend. I thought the weatherman was NUTS! Why on EARTH would anyone call for snow? I mean, I love my white fairies and butterflies and all…but seriously! The robins are here. Enough with the snow calling already!

Dad just laughed at me when I jumped up and said that. He said the weatherman wasn’t really calling snow. He was saying there was snow in the forecast.

Huh? Then WHY didn’t the weatherman just say THAT? Seriously? Can the weatherman possibly be getting winter fever or something? What do you think?

While the snow is being called out, the other night we had a thunderstorm. Do you believe that? The wind is really shaking the trees to wake them up. That’s what mom told me…the wind will blow strong this time of year to shake the trees awake.

All I can say is those trees are REALLY sleepy heads! I’ve been watching and watching. Do you know, they are STILL sleeping?

Then, something strange happened. We had some guy trimming the trees under the power lines, I watched him with great interest, as I wanted to be sure he stayed on HIS side of the fence! But that got Mom and Dad talking about trimming the apple tree.

Hold on there! Leave MY APPLE TREE ALONE! I don’t want my apple tree hurt! No way, Jose!

Apparently, I should think about going on stage as a stand-up comedian. That’s because mom and dad thought that was so funny, and they began to laugh and laugh! They said trimming the apple tree won’t hurt it. It’s like clipping my nails on spa day.

Well, I’m still a bit skeptical. That’s when mom said trimming the apple tree will help my tree make more apples. Really? Well, why didn’t they say so sooner! Let’s get those apple tree trimmers out and get to work!

Do you know what they said then? That it wasn’t time! So, I asked them what time it should be. I wanted to set the alarm so I didn’t miss it or anything. But they said they would let me know when it was time.

Fine. I’d really PREFER setting the alarm! I mean, what if they FORGET? But dad said they wouldn’t let that slip past them, and I could relax. Still…I personally think an alarm would be a good idea…

Well, mom has been staying busy. She’s been working a LOT of hours. But she still made time to make us new things.

Mom made me a new collar out of one of her old shirts and she put pink butterflies on it just for me. I โฃ๏ธ it! I had her take a photo so I could show all of you! Isn’t it pretty? I told mom I’m NEVER going to take it off! Never ever!

I’m not like Arthur and Jadeite. They both like to wear clothes and sweaters. They are cold most of the time and like to hide under the covers at night.

But not me! I’m just right sleeping at the end of the bed on top of the covers! I don’t like my dots covered up. I’m VERY proud of having dots!

But Mom makes them things to wear all the time. She said I needed something special, too. So she made this special collar just for me. Isn’t it beautiful? Just like my mom…she’s beautiful, too! ๐Ÿ’˜

Our spring flowers are popping out of the ground. It’s nice to see a little bit of green…hey! Just in time for St Patrick’s Day, coming up! None of the tulips and daffydills are flowering yet, but it won’t be long! I can hardly wait, because once they begin to bloom, my beautiful apple tree will get her new spring gown out! I just LOVE her graceful white gown! Because it means APPLES!!! Yum!!! I don’t know what I love more…my wonderful new collar or the thought of my apple tree dressed for spring!

I must think on that! I think I’ll get to bed now so I can begin dreaming of my apple tree in her spring dress, and nice red apples coming along soon after! Oh, and the garden will need planted! Oh, so many things to plan on!

I hope you all have wonderful spring dreams, too! May your flowers bloom, your apple trees get dressed in pretty gowns and lots and LOTS of garden seeds dance in your heads!

Love to all my friends!

Springing ahead Spangler!

Spangler’s Foster Road: Remembering Fella

March 2019


I know you guys thought you wouldnโ€™t hear from me anymore, but I wanted to let you guys know how amazing it is here across the Rainbow Bridge. There are the fields of wildflowers as vast as the eye can see, streams of water so crystal clear and there is not a stiff joint, a hunger pain or a sad heart here.

The most amazing part is at the end of the day when we are all finished running around having played to our hearts content and we lay down and watch through the clouds smiling down upon our dear humans. We share stories with each other about all the love we received from our families and we talk about how we canโ€™t wait for them to join us one day.

As we look down upon you we see some of our friends who still need help, whose voices have yet to be heard and whose hearts still need love and mending so I decided to reach out to you….yes, you. To the ones who spoke up for me, shared my story and came together to show me a heaven on earth and love so deep my pains of the past were erased. I need your help. Those of my friends who are still left behind need you to do the same for them and be their voice. I still owe my life to the woman whose voice saved my life. Now I am asking for you to do the same for those I left behind. If you see something, SAY something. You will never know the impact one voice can make.

As my mom once said everyone needs a Fella in their life so a shirt was designed to help keep my memory alive and the monies raised will go to help my fellow voiceless friends. Thank you again for being the difference in my life, until we meet again.

Love always and forever,


Cost is $20 per shirt with an additional fee $2 for 2x and $3 for 3xl. If you would like one please comment below your size. You can pay via PayPal and please note in the comment section your size and how many or mail payment to 3413 Aspen Dr., Evansville 47711 with the same information.

Spangler’s Foster Road: Dreams of Space

February 2016

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I also hope cupid didn’t shoot any darts into any of my friends. I escaped, once again, this year. So, I’m planning to relax and just enjoy playing with my White Fairy and Butterfly friends who are visiting once again.

Oh, and my bird friends! BOL!

We just stayed home on Valentine’s Day and watched a movie: The Martian. I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie yet, but it gave me lofty ideas! I’ve decided I should try out to be NASA’s very first…and likely ONLY…Dalmatian Astronaut! I wrote them a nice Dalmatian letter and now am just waiting for their answer.

Oh, I can see it all now! I’ll be the Star Spangled Spangler…heroine of NASA and outer space! I’ll float freely about the space capsule and mingle with the other astronauts. I know they want scientific studies done aboard the space station, so I’ve come up with one! Will Dalmatians spots stay attached in outer space!

What d’ya think? Or do you think I should try to come up with another study. Maybe they’d want a couple? Anyone have ideas? Maybe I should come up with some other ideas for more studies to do in space…hmmmm…must put my thinking ears on now! WOOF! WOOF!

It snowed Valentine’s Day, so after the movie, I had to go out and help clear the walks and drive. I made sure dad got every single White Fairy and Butterfly OFF the sidewalk and driveway! Oh, and NO White Fairies or Butterflies were harmed in the clearing of the driveway! I stood by and made SURE of that!

Oh, I’m good!

When we came in, the aromas coming from the kitchen fairly had me flying into outer space without a space ship! That’s because mom made an apple pie from my apple tree! Mom sure was smart putting those wonderful apples in the freezer last fall. Dog it was Deeee-licious!

Dad brought mom flowers for Valentine’s Day, I could smell them as soon as dad came in the house with them. My one and only issue was he seems to have forgotten ME! I was upset, but then dad came over and said he had something special for ALL us dogs and kitty, too. TREATS! Oh, who cares about flowers when there are yummy treats to be chowed down on! I’m just glad I didn’t fill up on apple pie too much.

Okay, I did get a bit much. But I would NEVER admit it! I wasn’t about to pass up those treats!

Arthur went to the vet Monday for shots and check up. Do you believe he’s 10 years old? Wow! Time flies! I was worried about his check up, because so many of my siblings have come up very sick since I came here. But the vet said Arthur is doing good. Plus, Arthur said he loves the new vet. He said they gave him all kinds of treats and attention while he was there.

Hmmm…I’m thinking it’s probably time for me to have a check up, too. You know, NASA might appreciate knowing how healthy I am! (Besides, I wouldn’t mind some extra treats myself…)

Well, I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day and as much love as I have here with my family! I hope you’re ALL very lucky to find a family to adopt and care for you, like I’ve been!

Thinking of ALL my friends and waiting for NASA’s call! Love to all!
๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ›ฐ๏ธ๐Ÿš€๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒŒ๐Ÿ’–


Spangler, the flying high dreamer!

PS: Do you think they could make a space suit Dalmatian sized?

Spangler’s Foster Road: Seizures Improving and Company Coming!

February 2013

Hi all!

Been a busy time for me! I spent two days at the vet’s last week. We learned my phenobarbital levels were low. I’m now on an increased dosage and mom says I’m appearing to do better. I’m having fewer accidents, and when they do happen, I’m not leaving behind a lake. It’s a smaller puddle. Mom says I’m getting better and added I’m acting better. I hope so! It’s been a long, hard road for me, and I’m anxious to get to my forever home!

It’s been raining here, but today is sunny again. It’s still cold, but mom is making it smell wonderful in here with another big pot of bean soup on the stove. Oh boy! Wonder if she’ll share????

Of course, you know what rain means, right? MUD! And I DO love mud! My buddy, Austin, and I have a very good time in mud. We run through it and splatter it up on our tummies. It feels funny.

My foster mom is so grouchy, however, with the mud. She simply can NOT appreciate the mud we track into the kitchen! Are all two leggeds like this, or is mom just being funny?

As you may have noticed, mom entered me into Blind Dogs contest to be featured on their newest t-shirt. I hope I get LOTS of votes! Not only will it help spread the word about blind/visually challenged dogs and puppies, like me, but it will help get PC Pound Puppies name out there. Maybe other dogs and puppies will end up finding their forever homes, too! Wouldn’t that be great???

Mom told us today that we’ll having company this weekend: KIDS! LOTS OF KIDS! I’ve not met these kids before. They’re all LB’s cousins. They’re coming here to help celebrate mom’s birthday on Monday. They’re going to have a party. Gosh! Will I get invited and have a party hat? I’m so excited!

Meanwhile, I’m still off the adoption board for now due to medical issues. I hope that changes soon! Will keep you all posted!
Love to all my friends!